On the Rocks Chania

Is a company, located in the beautiful city of Chania, Crete. We offer to our customer a unique self driving dune buggy safari experience, through amazing back road, to picturesque destinations. Give yourself the chance for a unique experience,
visit historical and natural scenery and explore real Crete away from the touristic crowded sites. Mix with the locals,discover Crete’s authentic culture and get in touch with what the island has to offer. Create unique vacation memories
and enrich your photo album with photographs from Crete’s paths less travelled! All the above features, combined with the powerful vehicles you get to drive,our guide and associates with expert knowledge of the area’s features and history,
can guarantee for an once in a lifetime experience during your vacation in the magical island of Crete!

On The Rocks On The Rocks


Circling the mountainous area of Platanias and Agia Marinas, we are going to follow some breath taking off road tracks, in operating hours we are visiting a unique museum of historical memory that was a basement refuge of the Germans and reminds of the period of the German occupation after the Battle of Crete. It is connected with the history of the place and “puts” us today, in the climate of that era.

On The Rocks


If you just want to drive and feel the action, then this tour is for you!